Holy Matrimony

"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body." Genesis 2:24

Holy Matrimony is another of the great joys we have the privilege of bestowing at Ascension. We want to give your marriage a solid foundation with God at the center.  In a sacramental marriage, husband and wife represent Jesus Christ and His Church.  They are to love each other in a way that reflects and makes present to the world, the love of Jesus Christ for His Church, and His Church for Him.

Our marriage preparation program is not to prepare you for a day, but rather to prepare you for the rest of your life. To allow enough time for preparation and scheduling, please contact the Parish Office, or a priest directly, at least six months in advance of your intended wedding date. 


The program consists of the following general steps:

  1. Meet with one of our priests or deacons.  At this meeting, you share some basic and important information, then set up a schedule for the remaining steps.
  2. Marriage Preparation Inventory.  You are asked many questions through an online inventory about your relationship to help you find your strengths and weaknesses.  The results are discussed in multiple meetings afterward with a priest or deacon.
  3. Marriage Preparation Course.  In addition to the inventory, the Archdiocese offers a weekend course or weekend retreat to help develop skills and virtues needed for marriage.  The course can be taken with a mentor couple through multiple sessions and a one day retreat instead of the other two options.
  4. Natural Family Planning Introduction CourseNatural Family Planning (NFP) is not only effective for planning your family it is also highly effective in overcoming obstacles that compromise your ability to become parents.
  5. Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).  Sin is an obstacle to the reception of God's grace which is needed for a healthy and strong marriage.  Catholics seeking marriage should go to Confession first, so that the graces of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony can be well received.
  6. Planning the Ceremony.  The priest or deacon will provide you with a binder that contains the possible readings, songs, and other options for your wedding.  Please also see the video below to learn what happens at a Catholic wedding.
  7. Marriage License.  Within 30 days of the wedding date, and more than a week before the wedding, obtain your marriage license from the county Recorder of Deeds.