Commission Sign-Up

Ascension Catholic Church has recently adopted a commission model. For more information, click here. We invite every parishioner to join a commission! If you are currently part of a group or ministry program, then you are already affiliated with one of our 7 commissions.

Each commission includes representatives from the pertinent parish programs and organizations in these areas as well as interested parishioners who wish to support and strengthen our programs.

Evangelization Commission- This commission seeks to further the outreach of faith to families in our parish and beyond, inviting all to hear the call to discipleship in Jesus Christ and share the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our parish. Sign up for this commission here.

Liturgical Life Commission-The Liturgical Life Commission focuses around the liturgical events of the Church. It is the mystery of Christ that the Church proclaims and celebrates in her liturgy so the faithful may live from it and bear witness to it in the world (CCC #1068). Liturgy is the celebration of divine worship, proclamation of the Gospel, and active charity. Sign up for this commission here.

Stewardship Commission- The Stewardship Commission's goal is to increase our parish's understanding of stewardship. Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God's gift and shares these gifts (time, talent, treasure) in love of God and neighbor. Sign up for this commission here.

Social Justice Commission-The Social Justice Commission continues to broaden and raise awareness for outreach and care to those in need. Sign up for this commission here.

Engagement Commission-The Engagement Commission's purpose is to welcome and engage parishioners and visitors into our community to foster a stronger identity of membership among our parish family. They meet every few weeks at the parish. Sign up for this commission here.

Education Commission-The Education Commission's purpose is to foster our efforts to educate all the children of the parish and strengthening all programs. This includes the Little School, Elementary School, and Parish School of Religion (PSR). Sign up for this commission here.

Faith Formation-Created to invite and enable ongoing conversion to Jesus in Holiness of Life; to promote and support active membership in the Christian community; to call and prepare Teens, Young Adults, and Adults to act as disciples in Mission to the World. It aims at a process of growth which entails taking seriously each person and God’s plan for his or her life. Sign up for this commission here.

Questions? Email [email protected]