Celebrations Honoring Mary and the Other Saints

We honor, but do not worship, Mary and the saints in heaven.  They lived lives of virtue and holiness that are presented to us as examples for us to follow.  They completed their journey and are now with God.  However, we can still ask them for help.  Just as we can ask other people here on earth to pray for us, we can ask people in heaven, the saints, to pray for us. 


Here at Ascension we honor Mary with communal devotions under the title of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and ask her to help us on our journey.  Our Lady of Perpetual Help devotions are on Tuesdays after the 8 am Mass in the Main Church.  There are different prayers associated with this devotion and different parishes use different ones.  At Ascension, we provide prayer cards to use for all those who wish to participate in this devotional practice.