Parish Calendar/Upcoming Events

This page is updated with upcoming events regularly. See our calendar below for more. You can always call the Rectory (636) 532-3304 with any questions.

July 4th - Mass and the Rosary- Saturday, July 4, 9am

Our Mass on July 4th will begin at 9:00 am. All are invited. We will pray a "Patriotic Rosary" after Mass for those who can stay. There will be prayers for the leaders of our country and our 50 states. We will give thanks to Almighty God for our blessings and sing patriotic songs honoring the Providence of God.

Adult Faith Virtual Groups, NOW AVAILABLE

Adult Faith Ministries is offering the following online groups via Zoom online groups:

Men’s Scripture Study and Prayer Group (Men’s 55 Minute group) Thursdays following the 8:00 am Mass online until 9:30 am. Host Chris Foeldi

Women of the Word, Thursday Mornings 1011:00 am. Host Diane Ruzicka

Women on a Journey: Thursdays 3:00 4:00 pm. Host Therese Banister

Men’s Awakening: Saturdays 7:00 am. We are studying the Psalms. Host Larry Cramberg.

For invites to these Zoom meetings or if you have questions, contact Chris Foeldi at [email protected]


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