40 Days for Life

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THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF ABORTION! We need your help (and your prayers!).

Ascension's Spring 2021 40 Days for Life adopted day to pray outside Planned Parenthood is Thursday, March 18, 2021 from 7am to 7pm.

It has come to our attention that the Forest Park Planned Parenthood location is only doing a small number of chemical abortions. All physical abortions are being referred to the new Fairview Heights, IL location. So, this year we will be headed over the river! The clinic is location 54 minutes from Ascension. There is a Coatlition for Life office right near the abortion facility that will provide a parking lot, restrooms, coffee/hot chocolate, and a chapel in case of inclement weather.  Please see the map below.



Shuttle service will be available on a limited basis for those unable to carpool. It will be depart Ascension at 8am, 11am, and 2pm. Please only use this service if truly needed, space is limited. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have 3 different ways for you to be involved. 1) Pray physically in front of Planned Parenthood 2) Pray at Home 3) Pray in the Little Church for an "Hour of Organized Prayer" at either 10am or 2pm on March 18.

Your prayers MATTER. Women choose life and have a change of heart due to YOUR prayers. PLEASE PRAY!

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